Day-to-Day Handling

As many of our pieces are made with un-treated metals, they do have a tendency to tarnish over time.  Humidity and frequent handling play a key role in speeding up the process, as well as one's individual skin Ph balance, so proper care is key.  That being said, due to the untreated finishes on most of our pieces, repolishing and care can be maintained entirely by the customer, making our pieces an investment to last a lifetime.

Ideally brass and sterling pieces should be stored in a cool, dark place, in a sealed plastic bag, to protect them from the humidity and sunlight which accelerate the tarnishing process.

If you prefer an un-tarnished look, please clean your items after every use (following the instructions below), as the longer you wait for the tarnish to build, the more challenging they are to clean.  At the very least try to wipe them down with a clean cloth to remove natural oils after each use. 

Polishing Suggestions

Our preferred method of polishing is using Sunshine polishing cloths.  They have polishing compound embedded in them and they do a fantastic job on both brass and silver.  If you prefer a liquid polish we recommend Hagerty 100 All Metal Polish for brass and Hagerty Silversmith's polish for sterling silver.

We also suggest before polishing your piece with Sunshine cloths to use a mild soap (Dove or Dr. Bronner's) just to remove any residual oils from the surface, and then drying the piece with a clean towel or even tissue paper.  This will prep the piece for an easier polishing.

If the piece is hollow (eg. Two-Tone Hepworth Earrings or the Hepworth Studs), please take care not to submerge the piece in water while pre-cleaning.  There is a chance that water can get trapped inside.  Instead use a damp cloth with soap and water, and follow with polishing cloths.

Care for Plated Pieces

If the piece is gold or rhodium plated, please do NOT polish!  This will only remove the plating.  Additionally, take care to remove the piece before bathing, showering or swimming as chlorine is harsh on the delicate plating. Please also keep out of contact with makeup, lotions and perfume to maintain the finish.