“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together...all things connect.” —Suquamish & Duwamish (Native American) Tribe Chief Seattle.


Earthly Treasures

Leigh Miller creates contemporary sculptural jewelry that is directly inspired by art and by the natural wonders and treasures of the earth- a symbiotic fusion of the natural world’s beauty- and timeless design.

Our designs are celebrations of the planet and its inhabitants. Our small team is devoted to preserving the earth, and as such we do everything within our power to help maintain its beauty and well being. We only have one precious planet, and we are dedicated to honoring and preserving her with everything that we do. We are committed to designing and producing the most environmentally sustainable pieces that we possibly can. We are constantly self-auditing our materials and processes in an effort to leave the lightest footprint possible.

Here are a few of the ways in which Leigh Miller studio is doing our part to help preserve Mother Nature:

Repurposed Materials

Leigh Miller is adamant about using recycled, upcycled, and repurposed metals whenever possible, and we are constantly nearing our goal of creating our jewelry from 100% recycled and ethically sourced materials. Right now most of our silver, some of our brass, and 100% of the gold with which we work is recycled. In an effort to be fully transparent, please note that currently excludes small gold findings, are not composed of recycled metal, as that market is still in the process of developing recycled gold findings. Once available, we will incorporate them into the line as well. By using recycled materials, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and repurposing some of the most precious materials on earth, in turn avoiding relying on newly mined materials, and in turn, the process of mining.


Here on Earth: Local Production

Leigh Miller jewelry is designed and crafted exclusively in the United States. Our entire line is thoughtfully and lovingly produced by hand locally, in Los Angeles, California, and of that about 80% of our pieces are crafted in our own studio by local artisans. In doing so, we’re giving back to our own community, providing for those around us, and investing in the future of jewelry being made locally and by hand. We’re investing in our own community and elevating the lives of people who surround us. In creating our line locally, we’re also reducing our carbon footprint. Making pieces in our own studio also allows us to have control over the entire process to make sure that everything is created with care, and is done as environmentally soundly as possible. As none of our pieces are made overseas, and we’re directly connected to the hands who lovingly create each piece of our jewelry.

Producing our jewelry locally allows for us to contribute to and provide for our community and negates the use of excess shipping, packing, and material waste.


Tread Lightly: Responsible Production Methods

To preserve the environment and keep our makers safe, we’re currently phasing out all plated designs—so any plated pieces that are still available are the last of their kind. Leigh Miller is no longer producing new plated designs, as the process of plating is hazardous to the environment and to the health of the individuals who do the plating. We are taking this step for the benefit of the environment as well as the health of those who produce our jewelry. It’s important to us that our jewelry has been made with ethical process as we only want our pieces to involve positive, ethical production techniques- as this is the energy the pieces will carry with them, and in turn, our customers will wear, and carry with them.  

With Grace: Ethical Sourcing

We source all of our ethically-sourced semi-precious stones from conflict-free regions, and are currently working to incorporate as many domestically sourced and traceabley mined stones as possible. This is less common in our segment of the jewelry industry, as the cost of ethically sourced materials is higher, so generally only found in the fine jewelry sector. We’re adamant about exclusively using materials that we source from credible sources. Traceability in the jewelry industry is a new point of view. It can be challenging to find resources that are accountable when sourcing semi-precious material, but we go to the extra lengths. We are devoted to and working to get as close to the sources as we possibly can, with a goal of 100% traceability.


Sent with Love: Recycled Packaging Materials

All of our orders are shipped in 100% recycled (and recyclable) mailers and packing materials. For those who are located in Los Angeles, we encourage you to come to our studio—this way, we don’t have to ship within the city and you can experience our pieces in person.


Future Heirlooms: Pieces Made to Last

We design and produce pieces of jewelry that are meant to last a lifetime, if not several, as opposed to creating disposable fast fashion items that are made to be worn for a season or two and ultimately end their lives in a landfill. Our designs are timeless celebrations of the boundless beauty of the earth, and the ways in which we produce our pieces echo this sentiment. Our jewelry is timeless, not bound to trends, and meant to be treasured for ages to come. We utilize the finest materials available to create future heirlooms.


With Care: Small Carbon Footprint

 We’re determined to do our absolute best to reduce our carbon footprint, and are ever-evolving to continue to preserve the earth as we produce our jewelry. We are a small, closely knit team, and we do all we can to have the least environmental impact possible. If you have any other suggestions on ways in which we could improve our sustainability practices, or partners who we can work with while attaining our low global impact goals, we would be honored to hear them. We love connecting with and hearing from you. We are always working to improve and contribute to the well being of our home planet. Your thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated and welcome.


Honoring Others: Contributing to Our Global Community

Leigh Miller contributes a portion of our profits to organizations that are working towards the bettering of our earth, including:

Pure Earth

International Rescue Committee

Downtown Women’s Center

Planned Parenthood