Our Ethos

Our designs are directly inspired by our Mother Earth, and we are doing everything in our power to help maintain her and her beauty for generations to come.

We are committed to designing and producing the most environmentally sustainable pieces possible within our category.  We are constantly self-auditing our materials and processes to make the least impact possible. 

  • Our entire line is produced locally, in Los Angeles, California, and of that about 80% of our pieces are crafted in our own studio by artisans being paid fair wages.  In this sense we are giving back to our own community and investing in the future of jewelry making locally, as well as reducing our carbon footprint. Making pieces in our own studio also allows us to have control over the entire process to make sure it is as environmentally sound as possible.
  • We used recycled metals whenever possible, and are constantly pushing to get closer to 100% recycled materials. Right now this means our silver is partially recycled, as well as some brass, and 100% of the gold we work with is recycled.  (Gold findings are not recycled as that market is still in the process of being developed).
  • We are no longer producing new, plated designs as the process of plating is hazardous to not only the environment but also to the health of the individuals who do the plating. We are also are phasing out all plated designs, so whatever is still available is the last of its kind!
  • We use stones from conflict-free regions only, and are working to incorporate as many domestically sourced, and traceably mined stones as possible.  Traceability is a new point of view, and can currently be challenging to find resources that are accountable in semi-precious material.   We are working to get as close to the sources as possible, with a goal of 100% traceability.
  • We reuse and recycle packaging material.  We also use recycled shipping materials.
  • We design and produce pieces that are meant to last a lifetime (if not several), as opposed to disposable items that are made to be worn for a season or two and ultimately end their lives in a landfill.

We are small, but we do all we can to have the least impact possible. If you have any other suggestions on ways we could improve, or partners we can work with in attaining our low-impact, goals we are all ears. We are in this together and appreciate any and all feedback and support.