Sterling Silver Orso Choker


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The Orso Choker features a bold sculptural representation of a seashell.  It’s a timeless statement necklace evocative of the strength of the natural world.  The chain link necklace and linked pendants represent the connectedness of humanity and nature.  Wear this piece with anything—it’s ideal for day and night.

Collection 11 was inspired by a trip I made to Corsica. My little cousin there gave me an 'Oeil de Sainte Lucie'—a small turbo shell center that can be found all across the island: a stunning token of good luck. The pieces in Collection 11 emanate that spirit.


  • Comprised of sterling silver.
  • Rolo-style chain.
  • Chain rests at 16" length included closed clasp.
  • Engraved with maker's mark and 925 fineness stamp at interior.
  • Necklace weighs 22 grams. For reference a US quarter weighs 5.7 grams.

All of our jewelry is made individually and by hand in Los Angeles, California.


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