Small Oval Sempre Hoop in 14k Yellow Gold


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semi-permanent style, the Sempre Hoop is part of a new offering of Leigh Miller that is designed to be worn everyday- or 'sempre'- which means always in Portuguese and Italian.

This sculptural, solid gold hoop is intended to be put in, and never taken off.  Wear it in the shower, in the pool or to sleep.  Simply slide it in and fold the arm into its hook.

Leigh was inspired to design this series to be the perfect huggers to compliment the rest of our sculptural earrings.  The Sempre is ideal for wearing in second, third or fourth lobe piercings to compliment statement earrings in a first piercing.  It can also be worn in the first hole for a more simple 'sempre' look.  Please do note it is not designed to be taken in and out frequently, so keep that in mind when considering the placement and use.

If you are not able to put the piece in easily on your own, we recommend having it put in by a piercing professional.


  • Comprised of solid 14k yellow gold.
  • Gold is 100% recycled.
  • Inner diameter is 8.3mm x 4.1mm.
  • Each earring weighs approximately 0.6 grams. For reference a US dime weighs 2.2 grams.
  • Jessica is wearing the Small Oval Hoop in her second hole, and Leigh wears it in her third.

All of our jewelry is made individually and by hand in Los Angeles, California.


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