Folded Pinky Ring in 14k Gold


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Leigh wanted to design a chunky pinky ring, substantial enough that it could be worn solo, in the style of a classic men’s pinky ring- but in a more elegant incarnation.  Graceful lines envelop the ring and fold over one another, almost forming a golden hug around the pinky.

To design her inaugural fine jewelry collection, Leigh searched for years until she found the perfect wax-working method to translate her design sensibility to a finer scale.  Working in an ancient Japanese formulation, a combination of beeswax and pine resin, Leigh artfully folds and stretches the wax to create the curved and knotted forms composed of fine striations throughout each piece. Somehow delicate yet substantial at the same time, each piece is an elegant play of contrasts, a miniature art piece to accompany you through your day.



  • Comprised of solid 14k gold.
  • Gold is 100% recycled.
  • Engraved with maker's mark and fineness mark at interior.
  • Ring is 6.5 mm in height at tallest point.
  • Due to the nature of the design, the ring cannot be sized down, or up beyond an 4.5

All of our jewelry is made individually and by hand in Los Angeles, California.


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