Sterling Silver Pouple Pendant


Made to order.  Please allow 1 week to ship.

The Pouple Pendant is a dreamy, gleaming representation of the playful whirls that form in ocean waves, clouds, and seashells. Set on a rope chain, this sculptural piece serves as a reminder to see and remain grateful for the beauty that surrounds us every single day.

Collection 11 was inspired by a trip I made to Corsica. My little cousin there gave me an 'Oeil de Sainte Lucie'—a small turbo shell center that can be found all across the island: a stunning token of good luck. The pieces in Collection 11 emanate that spirit.


  • Comprised of sterling silver.
  • Rope-style chain.
  • Chain is 15.5" in length.
  • Engraved with maker's mark and 925 fineness stamp at interior.
  • Necklace weighs 9.4 grams including chain. For reference a US quarter weighs 5.7 grams.

All of our jewelry is made individually and by hand in Los Angeles, California.


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